Freeze a User via Mobile

Published: June 27, 2022

Written By: Stephanie Boggs

I came across the feature retirement list and saw that the beloved SalesforceA app was retired on June 1, 2022. When I was a direct admin, this was extremely helpful when I’d get the late Friday email from HR saying it was someone’s last day and to disable their access. Now, we all know how simple it is to deactivate a user…NOT! How many users are tied directly to various automation…especially when you may still have active workflows that are most likely not dynamic?

I’d log in to my handy-dandy SalesforceA app and freeze the user to combat the actual deactivation the next week. Queue the group cheers at happy hour!

I couldn’t bear that there were admins out there not able to have this quick solution via mobile anymore, so I created a Flow that you can install and access via the standard Salesforce App to quickly search and freeze the user in question! See screenshots of it in action and the install instructions below!

For the non-Admins out there, does this functionality seem beneficial? Do you have someone at your company with the knowledge to build this or even install it? Are there little (or big) tweaks like this that you believe can help enhance your org? Let's discuss your needs; schedule a consultation today!

A Lightning Page housing the Flow is added as an option to access via the Salesforce Mobile App.

Search, by Name, for the User you need to Freeze.

Select the User from the list of Users that match the search criteria.


Now, this Flow does utilize the UnofficialSF Datatable, so you’ll need to install 3 of their packages prior to installing mine. It’s SO worth installing these packages, though, because they provide amazing functionality!


Installation Guide if you DON’T have the UnofficialSF Base Packs installed:


 Installation Guide if you DO have the UnofficialSF Base Packs installed already:

FYI - The Flow can be added to any desktop or mobile Lightning Page Layout. The Lightning Page Layout can be added to any App. 

If you install the Mobile Freeze User package, please fill out this form to provide feedback so that I can make enhancements as time permits.

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